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Paga-Todo.com is providing an innovative solution for relatives or friends who are out of El Salvador to support their loved ones effectively so PayPal is pleased to be one of the platforms of payment.

Testimonios Paga-Todo.com José Fernández-da Ponte - International Senior Director of eCommerce PayPal Latin America

Testimonials of Salvadorans abroad.

My mom lives in the United States, since I was a baby and has always supported me, now that I'm in college she still helps me by refilling my pre paid phone and is super easy to use the site; as it sent me directly to my phone without complications.

Testimonios Paga-Todo.com Sara Mejía - San Salvador, El Salvador.

I haved lived in LA for 5 years, I came to help my family in El Salvador and now I can directly send gift certificates for shoes, medicine and much more...

Testimonios Paga-Todo.com Jorge Jiménez - Los Ángeles, EEUU.

I am originally from Rosario de Mora, I have lived 12 years in New York City, most of my family is still living in El Salvador and now with Paga-Todo.com I can send them the help they need.

Testimonios Paga-Todo.com Carolina López - Nueva York, EEUU.

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